Coronavirus: bus travel information and advice

For timetable information see the Bus Information page

Service Disruption - Route 351 Diversion & Temporary New Route 350

Ingatestone High Street will be closed from Monday 25 July 2022 until Sunday 4th September 2022 for essential gasworks repairs. There will be a temporary 350 bus route (see First web page)

1st July 2022 Essex County Council Supported Bus Service Tender Updates – Brentwood areas

The following services were up for renewal this year and all have kept the same operator as before with some alterations on two of them , when we have full details of the amendments we will publish them .

The service 61 61A 61C Brentwood to Blackmore
Vectare will continue to operate this service
There will be a minor timetable change

Service 71/72 Warley - Brentwood - Stondon Massey
Stephensons will continue to operate this service .
There will be a revised timetable.

Service 269 Brentwood to Grays
NIBS will continue to operate this service
Timetable unchanged.

Brentwood Bus and Rail Users Association welcome the fact that the same reliable operators will still be running these services for the foreseeable future.

NIBS buses - no.31 not running

Information from from NIBS:
The 31 bus is not currently in service. Here is a link to NIBS updates
This information page is to be updated daily.

First Essex buses timetable changes

From 17th April 2022 there are alterations to First timetables:
Changes to Basildon area bus routes (link)
no.9 timetable(pdf)
Services affecting Brentwood: route 9 (Basildon to Brentwood) are reduced in frequency to hourly with extra peak journeys at the busiest times.
Our Bus Officer has let the management know that the reduction of services is highly unpopular.
Printed timetables should have been available on First buses on the week beginning 17th April but have not been seen on the no.9 route so far (11/05/2022).

First Essex service update web page

First Essex buses now have a web page showing current bus information. Here is the link to the web page.
Updated information can also be found on twitter

Rumours about 81 bus reductions untrue

NIBS 81 bus service         19th November 2021
Apparently there are a number of rumours on social media that this service is going to reduce to an hourly frequency .
The Association has been in contact with NIBS and they have said that there is NO plan for this to happen.
They did add that there may however be some “on the day” cancellations due to driver shortage which we know to be a national problem at present.

61 and 62 buses back to normal timetable

Vectare ran an emergency timetable for the 61A 61C and 62 buses from 1st November until the 13th November 2021.
We have been informed that the services are now back to normal

No.31 bus not running

NIBS have suspended the 31 Brentwood Station to Pilgrims Hatch Circular until further notice . This is due to ongoing driver shortages. The route is covered by the First 37 service .

No.9 bus back through Outwood Common on Nov. 2

First Basildon had problems with the works at Outwood Common and could not send the No.9 buses round there.
Due to the works and parking obstructions they suspended that part of the service.
Services resumed on 2nd November 2021.

Long Ridings road open

Long Ridings road is now open and the 80 and 81 buses can now follow the normal route .

First Bus changes to the 100 service Lakeside to Chelmsford

From 1st September 2021, First Bus will be splitting the Lakeside - Chelmsford route into two parts, from Lakeside to Basildon and from Basildon to Chelmsford.
This will mean that passengers wishing to go to Basildon Hospital who change from the no.9 at Billericay to the 100 bus will need change again at Basildon bus station

First Bus changes to the 351 Brentwood to Chelmsford service

First Bus will be changing the frequency of the 351 service outside of peak hours .
As from 1st September 2021 there will only be an hourly service between 9am and 2pm from Chelmsford replacing the every 30 minutes service times operating up until 31st August. From Brentwood this will be from 9am to 3pm.
The departures are Chelmsford Bus Station : , 10.05 ,11.05,12.05,13.05 and 14.05 , 14.35 then every 30 minutes .
Brentwood Station 09.00 Warley Eagle Way : 10.03 , 11.03 , 12.03 , 13.03 ,14.03 , 15.00 then 15.30 onwards.
The Association has contacted First Bus Chelmsford to complain that no notice of this reduction in services was given on their website and that we were not notified in any way either.

Bus changes on April 12th 2021

First in Essex .
Service 9 Brentwood - Basildon – Revised service but still every 30 minutes .
32 Chelmsford – Blackmore – Ongar returns to school days timetable.
37 Brentwood Station – Pilgrims Hatch – Slightly revised service - every 15 minutes.
80A, 80C, 251 Sundays only – no change
565 Brentwood – Herongate –West Horndon – School days timetable applies

NIBS – Services 21 to Ongar , 31 Pilgrims Hatch Circular & 81 Hutton Circular.
A full pre-Covid service timetable operates .

Stephensons – 71/72 Brentwood to Stondon Massey.
From Monday 8th March 2021 a full pre-Covid service timetable is operating .

61 Brentwood – Blackmore continues a normal timetable .

Tfl London
498 Brentwood – Romford has extra buses at school times (students only services).
School service 608 runs from and to from Gallows Corner (students only).

Brentwood Community Transport 808 hospital shuttle bus is half hourly from April 6th 2021
If anyone experiences or hears about problems in respect of school buses or students' access to scheduled services would they let us know as we can take it up with the relevant company so they can consider taking action.