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Brentwood Access Group notes for the BBARUA AGM 2019

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The goal of B.A.G. is to improve access – safe access – for disabled people in Brentwood. That means safe for all – including the aged, parents pushing buggies, people who are ill (eg heart problems) or injured.
Current (2015 to date) Rail activity:
Focus: Major: in the last 4 years is on Shenfield & Brentwood stations. Minor: West Horndon Tools: compliance with Design Standards for Accessible Railway Stations., the Equalities Act 2010, Advertising Standards Authority Code of Practice and the Rail Ombudsman. Channels: contact / correspondence with the ORR, Network Rail, Greater Anglia, TfL/MTR (+ Making Rail Accessible) and C2C: Brentwood Borough Council, Essex County Council, office of Mayor of London, Brentwood M.P.s , Ministers of Rail, Dept. of Transport, BBC Essex radio & BBC1 (see website.)
Accessible car parking (BS8300 standard) –Shenfield – Mount Avenue up from 3 spaces to 10, Hunter Avenue from 0 to 14 (plus wheelchair route signs) – Brentwood – up from 3 to 17, plus car wash forced to get planning permission. Increase in borough = from 6 to 41 plus assisting Cllr Kendall for 6 at platform 4.
New Turn Up & Go policies at Brentwood
TfL (MTR) have advised that PRM arriving at the platform 4 gateline holding tickets for westbound travel using pre planned or ‘Turn up and go’ assistance can now go free to Shenfield (eastbound) and then return on a westbound train. (See our website for details.) Mark Wild, CEO of Crossrail in his letter to us dated 16 August 2019 states that ‘should someone arrive at the booking hall wishing to travel to Shenfield and be unable to get to platform 4, the booking staff will be happy to organise a taxi to take them there.’ We presume if that person holds a ticket, TfL will pay for the taxi.

Ongoing projects at Brentwood:
Platform 4 lift
Crush barrier at Platform 4 – Risk Assessment – Parsons Green
Stair climbing machine project
TfL maps and train announcements (equal rights for those arriving as departing) ‘Information regarding the level of accessibility of all stations must be freely available. Operating rules shall be made to ensure that information regarding the level of accessibility of all stations is available.’ (DSfARS page 15 PRM TSI: 4.4.1)
Wheelchair route signs, (DSfARS p93, PRM T.S.I4.2.1.10) handrails (DSfARS p155, sections O & Q, BS 8300 5.8.3) and resting places (‘Access routes on level ground should have resting places not more than 50m apart for people with limited mobility.’) (DSfARS p27 BS 8300:5.1)
DSfARS states there must be an obstacle free route. (P49, PRM4.2.1.2) For PRM arriving at platform 4, this is via The Parade and Kings Road, up a 170 metre + gradient, crossing traffic lanes and one four inch kerb.

Future planned rail projects: Dunton Hills & West Horndon station

Link to "Design Standard for Accessible Railway Stations" documentation